happy birthday to you // dad turns 60

My dad turns 60 this Sunday!  

Dad is the son of a beauty and a brain… No, seriously!  My grandmother was a stunner, Marie Lorainne Gothier (French), and my grandpa… well, just get him talking politics, philosophy, religion, you name it!  His years practicing law in the courtroom have served him well, nothing gets past him!   



Dad was born on September 14, 1954 in Detroit, Michigan.  He is the oldest of seven, and one heck of a dad, husband, and grandfather!  


Adam and I always joke that my dad reminds us of Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” I think it’s the glasses:)



My dad is a patriot in the truest sense of the word.  He is a man of honor, faith, and integrity!


I am grateful for my dad’s love and encouragement throughout my life.  He truly is my biggest fan… giving freely of his time to coach my soccer teams, take me to various daddy/daughter dances, and teach me about the unmerited grace of God.  He taught me to take long runs, drink good coffee, and be very very careful not to believe everything you’re taught!  We still meet for coffee and talk… I could listen to him talk for hours, he always knows so much more than me!



So, Happy Birthday dad! I love you!


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