Easter 2014.

Easter for me carries tremendous meaning.  The story of Redemption, the love of a sacrificial Savior.

His power!

The celebration of new life!


We had quite a celebration!

Amanda and Randy opened their home to us this Resurrection Sunday!  It was just lovely!


The food was fabulous, the family was together once again, and we had a ball!

Kinsley and Elijah participated in their very first egg hung!  Needless to say, Elijah was totally blown away!




So… right at about this point in the afternoon Kinsley started to look a bit sick…


Just as we were packing up to head to my parent’s house to celebrate, Kinsley showed the first signs of Noravirus…

Poor thing, she (and the rest of the family) were sick for days!  We ended up heading home after Kinsley’s stomach settled down somewhat and put the babies to bed.


For dinner Adam and I enjoyed the Paleo carrot cake that I was bringing over to my parent’s house.

Lets just say we’re never eating carrot cake again… !




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