linda lou.

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world… Linda Lou!


She has been my “second” mother through most of my life… She became instant friends with my mom when I was four years old in our Bailey neighborhood.  We have been family friends ever since!  A source of great encouragement, love, and friendship.  She has driven me to countless soccer practices when I was younger.


circa 2003 (Minnesota Soccer Tourney)

Hosted my Michigan wedding shower.



circa 2009 (Michigan wedding shower)

Sent me cards, gifts,and prayed with me through some of the darkest and most difficult times in my life.


circa 2002 (Ashely’s b-day partaay) 

Her spunk and Midwestern charm make it fun to just “hang” with my girl Linnie.  She is now in Minnesota, and I in Florida, but we never lose a beat.  


circa 2013 (Flood’s wedding)

Happy Birthday Linda Lou! You are loved and adored by many!



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