For days I have been meaning to weed along our little pond.  The tall purple reed-like plants draw a distinct line between where our neighbor’s yard ends, and where ours begins…

You see, in my yard I don’t grow flowers, or vegetables, or even Aztec grass… I grow weeds!  I did not inherit any sort of green thumb, and my mother-in-law who has the greenest thumb around is coming over in 15 minutes…

So I quickly scurried outside and trimmed them down with some shears!


I noticed as I was trimming them a likeness to lavender, and immediately thought to showcase my weeds!

Mason jar in hand, I proudly displayed my first fruits of this season… purple weeds!


Deciding today to celebrate the weeds in my life!  Those inconvenient little things that pop up with no warning whatsoever.  with seemingly little order, rhyme or reason.  


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