Boring, mundane days are a necessary part of life… for if we were never bored, excitement would never thrill the heart.

I have to admit that I have let boredom creep in and stay for far too long, becoming to me an unwelcome companion.  Days have melted together and accumulated as some distant vague memory.  So today I am taking my jaded life by the horns.  It’s is time to begin something anew… some journey of the mind, heart, and soul!


I miss baking… really… I do!


I miss learning… complex mathematical arguments… I really do!  My dulled mind aches for exercise.

I miss making friends and being a friend.  Writing notes, bearing burdens.  I miss them.  All of them.

I miss traveling, reading, learning a foreign language, playing my cello.

I miss pushing my body to its limits.  Sweat, blood, tears.  I miss it all, all of it.  For these things that once defined me have been lost.

Time to reclaim the years that the locusts have eaten, and get “unbored,.”


Godspeed Jackie!


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