beer and kilts.

In ode to my heritage, Adam surprised me and the babes with tickets to the local Saint Augustine Celtic Festival.  To be clear, I am only a quarter Irish… but I take that quarter very seriously.  My Celtic blood is to be both celebrated, and at times tamed…


The weather was perfect… just like my husband:) Sunny and temperate!


Our walk to the festival was long… although I didn’t mind it one bit! Old Florida homes, mossy trees, and fragrant air is always welcome!


When we finally made it I gently warned Adam (and the babes) that Celtic festivals tend to attract the unusual types… Druidian fairies, medieval wannabees, Storm Troopers wearing kilts, gypsies, wizards, bikers, highlanders, and me!


Kinsley and Elijah seemed to enjoy every moment!  They loved looking at all the costumes!Image



We’re definitely visiting the festival next year.. and yes, I will be applying sunscreen to my children’s faces… even in March!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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