coffee and kisses.

I don’t like rain, or clouds, or strong wind.  It takes me back to a terrible day in college when I was nearly swept away in a flash flood late at night in Wheaton.  Needless to say, when the nor’ easter blew through northern Florida today my palms got a little sweaty as they clenched the wheel, and my hair frizzed out… and then out some more to where it got this really bad twang in the upper-right quadrant of my head.  My mom knows all about it. She knows all my twangs, and my hang ups, and hook ups, and what gets me rattled.  Well… severe weather gets me rattled.

She came over today to see the grand babes.  



Coffee in hand we talked… the clouds seemed to melt away.



I am convinced there is not a thing in this world that a strong cup of coffee and time with momma cannot cure.  



So thank you Nana for coffee and kisses! We love you!


Jackie, Kins Kins, and Elijah



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