chalk paint : amy howard

With a very small budget for home decor, and a strong desire to repurpose, I recently embarked on a journey… namely chalk painting random things.  Old lamps from my mom’s garage, plate hangers from Goodwill, wrought iron wall hangings.  Chalk paint is the easiest, most beautiful finish you can find.


I bought a can of Amy Howard chalk paint at Agnes Agatha here in Jacksonville.  It took me all of thirty minutes to paint three pieces… two of which I captured on camera.  They were dry within hours.  No sanding, priming, or applying multiple coats.


My mom’s old rooster lamp from 1999…   aka… a junker.


A little coat of grey chalk paint… and…voila!


Instant French Country.



Goodwill plate rack.  $3.99



Paired with some toile plates!!! Love it!


I barely used any paint at all!! I could probably paint 30 more small pieces with this little can of paint.  This is great for the free spirit with no required talent or experience!!


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