french pantry.

Line out the door… family style seating… French accents greeting you at the cash wrap.  I’d say this place is pretty legit!

Tucked away in an old warehouse, this catering company turned restaurant is perhaps one of the best in Jacksonville.  It’s hard to find, but is an institution in these parts. 

The French Pantry.


French country is the decor.  Thick, overstuffed napoleons, brown sugar tarts, chilled wines, freshly baked breads… I was transported in time to another place, namely the French countryside.  

Waiting in line to order our food, my mom and I struck up a conversation with a heavily accented blonde, feather in hair, and ready to talk!  She exclaimed that Belgian accents are better than French… More subtle.  “It’s the German influence” she stated.  So much fun!


The Napoleon… I still can’t get it off my mind.  And yes, I totally regret not eating it!



I ordered the arugula and endive salad topped with smoke salmon.  Delish!  Pinot Grigio complimented it perfectly!



This is a “must” for any Jacksonvillianite!

The French Market

6301 Powers Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32217
(open 11 am – 2 pm)

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