Burp Cloths.

With all the hustle and bustle preparing for little Elijah’s arrival in… well… any day/hour now… I realized we were missing something very important.

Burp cloths.

Kinsley went through burp cloths like a Crossfitter goes through peanut butter… so I NEEDED to get something made.

I rummaged through my fabrics and came across some light flannel (white and patterned), and got to work.


My little guy will absolutely love his little construction burp cloths!!

Belly shot.


I cut two pieces of patterned flannel in my desired dimensions.  I like my burp cloths long and thin… so I opted for 26″ x 12″ rectangles.  I also cut two pieces of white flannel in the exact same dimensions.


I pinned the white and patterned flannel together.  Make sure your pattern at this point is flipped inward when you pin!


I then sewed the pieces together, leaving 1/4″ allowance on the perimeter.  Make sure to leave 4″ or so of the perimeter unsewn….


Snip your corners just a bit (without cutting your stitching)… and turn your burp cloths inside out through your 4″ hole.


Iron.  Then cut a 4″ piece of some heat seal adhesive tape.  Seal up your 4″ hole (just iron it into the seam).


There you have it!!




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