johari: gem. something of value.


I was inspired, uplifted, challenged last night as I heard my friend, and Johari Ambassador, Lenna Sutton, speak of beauty coming out of poverty and extreme need.  She said… “Just look around the room…”


The room was filled to the brim with hand-crafted pieces. Jewelery, belts, quilts, ornaments, cloth.  The room was on fire with color.  Deep hues of purple, blue, golden maze, tranquil ivory echoed off the walls.


Each piece was lovingly made by women around the world.  Women in places of destitution, poverty, extreme need.  Mothers, sisters, daughters like you and me.


Fair trade.

Johari is a company built on the principle that the beauty coming out of these women is worthy.  Worthy of our time.  Worthy of our money.

Erika Philip, founder and facilitator of Johari, lives for others.  Meets the needs of others in very tangible, sustainable ways.

This Christmas season jump into something bigger… a global movement seeking to eradicate poverty and bring the love and hope of Jesus to the outermost ends of the earth!

christmas saying

Check out Johari Creations on Facebook for more details, and let me know if you would like to host your own Johari Party!


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