Being the mid-westerner that I am, fall is just not fall without a good pumpkin patch. Period.


So moving to Florida five years ago took a bit of an adjustment for me… Pumpkins around these parts are pricey imported commodities.


Mom saw my sadness regarding my beloved “Uncle John’s Cider Mill” pumpkin-patch-kinda-experience that I was missing here in Jacksonville, and decided to remedy it.  She discovered a quaint and cute pumpkin patch  just north of her house that caters to cheesy people such as myself.


Every year she meets up with me (and now with Kinsley) and picks out an over-priced pumpkin.  She even takes pictures in the wooden cut-out frames.  I just love her.


Kinsley picked out her very own pumpkin and would not, and I mean WOULD NOT, let it go.


She had so much fun with her beautiful cousins Gemma and Sophie!


Yes, Kinsley will be a “cupcake” for harvest day this year… Couldn’t be more fitting!



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