how to fix that burnt pan of brownies.

We’ve all done it before… overestimated the cook time on that Betty Crocker mix. You’d think with some decent math skills and pure common sense they’d come out perfectly… well I’m convinced Betty didn’t know what in the world she was talking about when she said to cook a 9×9 for 38-40 minutes.


She surely doesn’t have the slightest idea that I am baking them for MY IN-LAWS in just one hour! They must be perfect! What to do?


Well… after thinking long and hard about my predicament, and consulting with my assistant baker Kinsley, we came up with a grandiose idea.


Homemade frosting.


Anything burnt really is just a vehicle for good, homemade frosting anyway… right?


I grabbed a stick of butter, microwaved it for 10 seconds or so to soften it, and whipped it up in my mixer (yes it’s pink… don’t judge)!

To that I added a splash of vanilla, a couple splashes of milk, and whipped it some more!

Next is the fun part:

Slowly add powdered sugar on low speed until your frosting is the right consistency for you! There really are no rules with frosting! You’re the boss!


Now you can add a flavoring if you’d like… cocoa powder, lemon, lavender, almond extract, you get the idea! A dab will do ya!


Now you have it! Instant remedy for those flawed brownies! Enjoy!


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