My girl turned one today!



Can’t believe she was this tiny.

The day really began the moment our sleepy-eyed, toothy, dimpled daughter began chattering in her crib.  8:30 AM.  Adam and I opened her door and serenaded her with the best rendition of “Happy Birthday” we could muster, picked her up, and hugged her incessantly for five minutes!  I am so in love. I could not be more grateful for Kinsley as a daughter, more proud of her clapping, crawling, standing, kissing, pointing, and waving!


My heart was happy, and a bit heavy. How could time have flown by so quickly? Have I missed something? Did I not scrapbook enough, take enough pictures, memorialize each stage of her development?

Then Adam said something that really struck me.

“Just twenty more of these, and she’ll be twenty-one…”


Nana, Kinsley, and cousin Sophie!


Now I know how my mother, and so many other women felt the moment they realized their child was growing up way too quickly. I finally understood.


Speaking of mothers… My mother-in-law and sisters came over today to celebrate our birthday girl (and to help mommy get ready for the party tomorrow).


Yaya and Aunt Alecia

A day full of emotion, smiles, family, and yes… cake!


Aunt Anna and Aunt Abi

Kinsley was over-the-moon to see her Yaya and aunts show up for her special birthday luncheon.


Busy girl!


Snuggles, hugs, laughter, and… sugar cookies!



Happy Birthday Kinsley! We love you!


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