tales of a toddler…

I have gleaned much wisdom from the women in my life who have gone before, blazed the trail of the unknown, raised a toddler!




Yaya and Gramps

Stories upon stories at family dinner night as my sweet, precious mother-in-law describes Adam as a toddler.  Did he really chuck Lincoln Logs at his mother? How could he?

Did he really lock her out of her apartment? She was just a young thing!


Adam is perfect… always has been!  Or has he? Does this same blood run through my beautiful angelic daughter?


Two peas in a pod…

So when I received an email from Baby Center reminding me that my baby will officially become a toddler this Friday I grabbed a piece of chocolate.  Am I ready for this?


sleeping beauty.

So in answer to your curiosity, Kinsley has not thrown a puzzle piece at me, nor will she ever! She truly is a sweet sweet sweet little piece of pumpkin pie that we absolutely do not deserve.  But please know that I am somewhat of a realist and realize things might not be like this forever, and for that I am grateful!  I am excited to watch Kinsley grow, change, and develop into the woman God created her to be!


In the meantime, I am open to input, wisdom, and some good old fashioned advice on how to raise a toddler!  I am so very thankful for the women who have gone before!


dove dark chocolate.


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