When asked to describe my home state of Florida…


As a former mid-westerner I recall fresh, crisp air with notes of crab apple blossoms wafting through its cool breezes.


crab apple blossoms.


lake huron. yes, that’s fresh water!


“up north”


patriarch park.

Well… not here! Nope. Yesterday morning I awoke to foggy dripping windows, and oppressive 90 degree heat and humidity.


never seen this before in my life.

So today I chose to be grateful for my home state!


my backyard view today!

I figure, only in Florida…

Palm trees sparkle with colored Christmas lights in December.

You don’t have to ask for “sweet” tea. They already know what ya mean!

You can fake a southern accent and people believe you!

People come and visit you in the winters to “thaw out!”

You can sip an “iced” Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks and be totally satisfied in October.

No state income tax.

You can lose five pounds in the summer by simply opening your front door, stepping outside, and… boom! You’ve miraculously sweat five pounds of salt water!

It’s sunny almost everyday of the year.


Your car stays clean and salt free during the winters.

zebra long-wing butterflies.


So there you have it! I live in a pretty amazing state with some pretty amazing people! Now off to Chick-Fil-a with my girl!


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